In Case You Missed It: March 6 – 12, 2016–Divorced Dad & Deadly Whales

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By Less Lee Moore

Iggy Pop has a new album out March 18, along with Northless, Lust For Youth, and Soft Fangs. There’s also the Wayfaring Strangers compilation and a reissue of Haircut 100’s Pelican West.

It’s time to spring forward with pop culture news.

Tyler Hodg has finished watching all 13 episodes of Fuller House on Netflix and we’ve got the reviews to prove it. What’s the verdict? Is the show good, bad, or somewhere in between? You’ll have to read to find out.

Sean S. Baker’s film Tangerine, filmed on an iPhone and focusing on the life and struggles of a transgender sex worker, is currently on Netflix, but you should also check out his short film Snowbird.

Divorced Dad may not be on Netflix (yet), but it’s something you should see. Here’s the problem: it’s not available yet! The new webseries from the Astron-6 collective (Manborg, Father’s Day, The Editor) is still seeking funding to finish the series, but for now, here’s a teaser trailer. (P.S. I’ve seen the rough cuts of a couple of episodes and I laughed until I thought I was going to throw up. It’s that weird and funny.)

At Popshifter, we watch TV so that we can talk about it, then you can read about it, and you can then feel better about all those thoughts you’re having and feelings you’re feeling. This week, we’ve got two episodes of Broad City, and while “Rat Pack” may not be as tight as “Game Over,” the show continues to be one of the funniest on TV. Outsiders finally gives us the character development we’ve been waiting for, while The Walking Dead gives us welding, crying, but still no sign of Negan.

New music reviews this week include the deep freeze of Northless’s Cold Migration EP, the emotionally raw yet gorgeous Let A Lover Drown You from Penny & Sparrow, a preview of Soft Fangs’ The Light (out on March 18), and one you might have missed: Voivod’s Post Society EP.

There were lots of movies to think about this week. Ron Howard’s tribute to Jaws and Moby Dick, In The Heart Of The Sea, hit home video this week and while Jeffery thought it was a beautiful waste of time, I had more positive thoughts on the film. Arrow Video’s American Horror Project Volume One, however, left no doubts in Tim’s mind: it’s a must-see, must-own box set.

We all have that one friend who hasn’t seen those iconic classic films that everyone else has already seen. At Unicorn Booty, that person is Matt Baume. Witness his reaction to his first viewing of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. You might also enjoy his liveblog of the first time he watched Hackers.

It’s OK to admit that you are a fan of Archie Comics. If you haven’t been keeping up with the students at Riverdale High out of a lack of time or fear of public shaming, there has been some news. Did you know that Jughead came out? He’s not gay, but… well, you should read about the full details for yourself. Also on the Archie news front is this fascinating podcast called Radio Free Riverdale hosted by Torontonians Lucy Cappiello and Evan Munday. This week’s episode features the podcast’s first ever special guest, comedian Adam Wilson.

In other comics news, Marvel seems to be making greater strides towards gender inclusion. Here’s our own Laury Scarbro with some thoughts on what this might mean for the future of comics.

What happened this week on Today In Pop Culture? Frankenstein, The Incredible Hulk, Barbie movies, The Fillmore, and songs about telephones.

TV Review: Fuller House S1 E13, “Love Is In The Air”

Published on March 7th, 2016 in: Comedy, Current Faves, Netflix Reviews, Reviews, TV Is Dead Long Live TV, TV Reviews |

By Tyler Hodg


The final episode of Fuller House’s first season comes to an end in a predictable, yet endearing way. D.J. chooses herself over Matt and Steve, Kimmy calls off her wedding with Fernando, and the two families realize they are better off together.


TV Review: Fuller House S1 E12, “Save The Dates”

Published on March 7th, 2016 in: Comedy, Netflix Reviews, TV, TV Reviews, We Miss The Nineties |

By Tyler Hodg


Most of the questions leading up to the second last episode, titled “Save the Dates,” have run concurrently through the season. Thankfully, a few of them are answered and wrapped up in an interesting way.


TV Review: Fuller House S1 E11, “Partnerships In The Night”

Published on March 7th, 2016 in: Comedy, Netflix Reviews, Reviews, TV, TV Reviews |

By Tyler Hodg


Namaste to Fuller House as yet another decent episode appears–this time, with an added international element.


TV Review: Fuller House S1 E10, “A Giant Leap”

Published on March 4th, 2016 in: Comedy, Current Faves, Netflix Reviews, Reviews, TV, TV Reviews |

By Tyler Hodg


Fuller House comes out swinging in the tenth episode, which is appropriately titled “A Giant Leap”. Guest starring San Fransisco Giants hitter and right fielder Hunter Pence as Stephanie’s boyfriend, the entire gang head to one of his games, and watch the middle Tanner offspring sing during the seventh inning stretch.


TV Review: Fuller House S1 E08, “Secrets, Lies and Firetrucks”

Published on March 2nd, 2016 in: Comedy, Netflix Reviews, Reviews, TV, TV Reviews |

By Tyler Hodg


Do you remember the first lie you ever told? Max Fuller does, and it’s a lie he’ll never forget.

It’s because he actually got away with it.


TV Review: Fuller House S1 E07, “Ramona’s Not-So-Epic Party”

Published on March 1st, 2016 in: Comedy, Current Faves, Netflix Reviews, Reviews, TV, TV Reviews |

By Tyler Hodg


It’s party time at the Fuller House in “Ramona’s Not-So-Epic Party,” as Kimmy throws her daughter Ramona a 13th birthday get-together filled with family, friends, and naturally, disaster.


TV Review: Fuller House S1 E06, “The Legend of El Explosivo”

Published on February 29th, 2016 in: Comedy, Current Faves, Netflix Reviews, Pro Wrestling, Reviews, TV, TV Reviews |

By Tyler Hodg


Who could have guessed that when the Fullers and Gibblers head to a wrestling event, something would go wrong?

Well, yeah, everyone.


TV Review: Fuller House S1 E05, “Mad Max”

Published on February 29th, 2016 in: Netflix Reviews, Reviews, TV |

By Tyler Hodg


Despite “Mad Max” having the middle Fuller child’s name in it, the episode actually revolves around Stephanie–you know, just to make things confusing. But that’s not to say that Max and other characters don’t play a role; in fact, a major issue with Fuller House is that the episodes–and this one specifically–are too convoluted.

Stephanie is offered the opportunity to spin at the main stage at Coachella, which she obviously chooses, but in turn forgets to leave a “bravery scarf” for Max to wear at his trombone recital. Kimmy signs D.J. up for online dating and brings a man home, who is then mistaken for the plumber. Ramona babysits Tommy and starts to vlog it.

This is all in one episode.


TV Review: Fuller House S1 E04, “The Not-So-Great Escape”

Published on February 29th, 2016 in: Comedy, Netflix Reviews, Reviews, TV, TV Reviews |

By Tyler Hodg


Four episodes in, Fuller House finally shakes its past loose (as much as it can), and features no multi-series characters with the exception of the core three female leads,D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy. This allows more scenes that develop not only the older characters, but brand-new ones, like the kids, as well.

In fact, most of “The Not-So-Great Escape” is dedicated to painting a better picture of what life is now like for the Fullers and Gibblers, both inside and outside of the house.