Podcast: TV or GTFO Episode 11, “Baywatch”

Published on February 3rd, 2017 in: Comedy, Podcasts, Popshifter, TV, TV Or GTFO, TV Reviews |

By Sachin Hingoo


It took eleven episodes of TV or GTFO and not one, but two pretenders to the “king of beach-based crime drama” throne, but we’ve finally decided to tackle the OG, the undisputed champion of the lifeguard detective genre, Baywatch!

We’ll discuss the fact that neither the series premiere nor the series finale features¬†any of the actors you’d remember or expect (other than the ever-present, possibly immortal David Hasselhoff), the Hoff’s absurd anti-jetski agenda, lifeguards that are homeless for no apparent reason, why cops are somehow less competent at solving murders than lifeguards, how the writers of this show are incapable or unwilling to write a goddamn ending to a B-plot (or, in the case of the finale, the titular A-plot), and why policing unauthorized sandcastles and teens making out on the beach is such a large part of these people’s day. Join Sachin and Gary as they explore the murky depths and weird left-turns that this Hasselhoff vanity project decided to take in its series premiere and finale.

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