May/June 2012

Issue 027—True Patriot Love—Features: Five Reasons/Nathan Fillion; Top Ten/Jim Carrey; Paul Gross; The ’70s & Donald Sutherland; Callum Keith Rennie; Top Ten Sloan Songs; The Barenaked Ladies; The Wainwright-McGarrigles; Nick Gilder & Tal Bachman; NoMeansNo; Guy Maddin; The Kids In The Hall; Degrassi; RetrOntario.

January/February 2012

Issue 026—Oh No You Didn’t—Features: Five Favorite Controversial & Hilarious Pop Culture Moments On TV, Sinead O’Connor, Valerie Solanas, Hunter S. Thompson, Bonnie And Clyde, Elvis Found Alive, The Beatles vs. Jesus, Prince, Zodiac Mindwarp, John Cale, Except Rap And Country, Pro Wrestling, Iggy Pop, Sibling Rivalry, Gay Stereotypes On TV, Irene Adler & Sherlock Holmes, Pierre Trudeau, Catfish, Banned Books.

November/December 2011

Issue 025—Dancing Ourselves Into The Tomb: The 1970s—Staff Picks: They Came From The ’70s, Films Directed By Women, Five Ads That Make Me Facepalm, Ubiquitous Scents of the Seventies, Seven Songs From The Seventies; Features: Bryan Ferry, The Stooges: Head On, Neil Armstrong, Jaws, The Night Porter, El Topo, The Holy Mountain, Heaven Can Wait, Grease, Saturday Night Fever, The Hudson Brothers, Linda Ronstadt, Roger Manning & Seventies Synths, ’70s Fenders.

September/October 2011

Issue 024—Halloween Horrors IV: The Awakening—Interview with author Jemiah Jefferson; Rue Morgue‘s Festival of Fear 2011, including Lance Henriksen, Tom Savini, and My Bloody Valentine 30th anniversary cast & crew reunion; Features: The Music of Silent Hill, Batman: Arkham City–The Album, Bioshock, True Blood Soundtrack Volume 3, Batman: The Animated Series, TV Horror Hosts, Garth Marengi’s Darkplace, Apollo 18, Theatre Of Blood, Halloween Nation: Behind The Scenes of America’s Fright Night; Horror Films of the 1970s, Cujo, Horror In Radio, Are Vampires Still Vicious?

July/August 2011

Issue 023—My Dream Is On The Screen—Staff Picks: Supernatural, TV Ad Tropes, Canadian Public TV Idents; Features: My Little Pony, Mad Men, South Park, Deadwood, Days Of Our Lives vs. EastEnders, Lace, Wallace and Ladmo, You Can’t Do That On Television, The Crystal Maze, Go Ask Alice, When “Based On The Movie” Goes Wrong, Daytime Talk Shows, Aeon Flux, The Rock Band Sitcom, SCTV.

May/June 2011

Issue 022—Climb Onto The Nearest Star—Staff Picks: NASA Fandom, Top Five Sci-Fi Movies, Ten Reasons Rock & Rule Is Here To Slay; Features: Fantastic Planet/La Planète Sauvage, Marooned a.k.a. Space Travelers, Alien 2: On Earth, Mockbusters, Tarantula/Piranha/Inseminoid, Zardoz, Hanna, Demon Seed, The Films Of H.P. Lovecraft, Black Sci-Fi Music, Ziggy Stardust, Doctor Who‘s Elisabeth Sladen, Lost, BSG‘s Starbuck, Sci-Fi Romance, and The Silver Metal Lover.

March/April 2011

Issue 021—Back Off Man, I’m A Feminist—Features: Mildred Pierce, Wonder Woman, The Women Behind The Whedonverse, The “Mercury 13,” Women In Pop Art, Stephenie Meyer’s The Host, The Woodmans, Eva Hesse, Elizabeth Gilbert, Fetish Art, Dollhouse, Cristina, Wendy & Lisa, Suzi Quatro, The Runaways, Eve Ensler, Bettie Page, I Spit On Your Grave, and Apocalypse Later.

January/February 2011

Issue 020—All You Need Is Now—Q&A with White Lies, Beth Hahn, Mary Edwards; Interview with Sean O’Hagan; Destroy All Movies; Top Ten Movies For 2011; Tron: Legacy; The Good Wife; The Walking Dead; Sherlock; The Cape; Phineas and Ferb; Reviews of Foetus, Duran Duran, Girl Talk, The Lexingtons, The Corin Tucker Band, and The Crash Street Kids.

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