Best Of 2016: The Legal Matters

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Best Pop Records of 2016

Nada Surf, You Know Who You Are & Peaceful Ghosts: 2016 was a banner year for fans of Nada Surf—not only did we see the release of You Know Who You Are (great record;very much classic Nada Surf) but we also got a new live record (Peaceful Ghosts) where a handful of Nada classics are performed with a full symphony—and the result is an impeccably recorded, truly inspiring live record. (Chris)

Weezer, White Album: This is the best gift of the year. Weezer’s best effort since Pinkerton. In a way I feel like it’s the record that could’ve been released after the Blue Album. Great, great, great songs. This is Weezer at its best. (Andy)

Bill Shaouy, The Other Town: Sounding like an Andy Partridge/Colin Moulding pairing, packed to the gills with great songs. Check out “Candy In Line” or “Bunting Bird” and you’ll be immediately sold. (Keith)

Lemon Twigs, Do Hollywood: This record really took me by surprise; these NY brothers created a perfect little pop record of super Nilsson-inspired mini masterpieces. Initially their nutty middle eight/bridges and rhythm fluctuations kind of bugged me but now I’ve grown to adore and expect them… and ultimately want more. (Chris)

Gretchen’s Wheel, Behind The Curtain: Lindsay Murray is a big talent waiting to be discovered. This record is full of great tunes treated with just the right brush strokes. Look for LM to raise the bar even higher on her next. (Keith)

M. Ward, No Rain: M. Ward continues to write and record songs that keep me interested. He’s not doing anything outside his norm but that’s completely OK with me. His recordings are always warm and fuzzy. (Andy)

John Paul White, Beulah: I was not a fan of the Civil Wars but this stripped-down batch of songs hits the spot. There are some sweet chord changes and his voice is a perfect fit for these darker tunes. This is a cool record that really took me by surprise. (Andy)

Nick Piunti, Trust Your Instincts: The third record in as many years, this one might just be the best of three classics. Nick’s best batch of songs and a perfect band to carry them home. (Keith)

TUNS, TUNS: So you tell me you have a band that contains Chris Murphy of Sloan, Matt Murphy of Super Friendz and Flashing Lights, and Mike O’Neill of the Inbreds—easy—where should you run off to buy it? Only problem is that it’s WAY too short. (Chris)

Mike Adams At His Honest Weight, Casino Drone: I’m a late comer to the pop musings of Mike Adams but glad to have Mike in my life. Just take in the track “Diem Be,” and you’ll be singing the appropriate praises in no time. (Chris)

The Legal Matters are: Keith Klingensmith, Andy Reed, and Chris Richards. We reviewed their album Conrad on October 28, 2016.

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