TV Review: Trailer Park Boys S10 E09, “Thugged Out Gangsta Sh*t”

Published on April 14th, 2016 in: Canadian Content, Comedy, Netflix Reviews, Reviews, TV, TV Reviews |

By Tyler Hodg


Anyone who knows Trailer Park Boys knows that the second-last episode of any given season is the most action-packed. In the latest installment, it is no different as Julian’s plan to save the park fails, the celebrity guest stars head out of town, and Lahey falls so far off the wagon that he shoots Ricky, essentially killing him.

Compared to the previous episodes of this season, “Thugged Out Gangsta Sh*t” is stellar—but that’s not saying much. Every storyline, including Julian and Barb’s fight for the park, Ricky’s mission to earn enough money for Trinity’s wedding, and Lahey’s booze- (and now drug-) induced downward spiral reach a climax almost simultaneously.

The three celebrities hit the road, with Doug Benson taking J-Roc’s wife, Tom Arnold leaving $10,000 for Trinity, and Snoop Dogg almost a Sunnyvale co-owner. The deal between the latter and Julian falls through after a court decision orders the park placed in Barb’s name.

Lahey, accompanied by former Sunnyvale security guard Leslie, crashes into the scene and muddles the entire situation. Hopped up on booze and opium, he claims “someone has to go” and ends up blasting Ricky with the pull of a trigger.

The climax of the season isn’t as hectic as any previous ones (there weren’t any police chases with the core characters wearing bear suits after burning down a motel), but there’s still incredible tension; watching the shit-storm go down isn’t ha-ha funny, it’s more “I can’t believe they’re going that far” funny.

With one episode left, most of the stories have reached their peak or concluded. There are, of course, new questions to be had: where will the show go with braindead Ricky in the hospital? Which characters will end up going to jail? Both are good questions that are hopefully on the slate to be answered in the finale.

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