Music Review: Wolfmen Of Mars, Danger! Peril! Threat!

Published on March 30th, 2016 in: Current Faves, Horror, Music, Music Reviews, Reviews |

By Tim Murr


What the hell can I possibly say about Wolfmen Of Mars that I haven’t already said across multiple reviews? If you are new to Boston’s lycanthropic rockers, then allow me to introduce you to a kick-ass, groove-heavy, instrumental synth-rock unit inspired by 1970s and ’80s horror movie soundtracks. And they are prolific! Check their Bandcamp page; they’ve had 10 releases since 2013 and each one is a winner.

Wolfmen Of Mars start their 2016 off right with DANGER! PERIL! THREAT! These are 17 tracks (11 new ones and five from their split album with The Mangled Dead) for your Everyday-is-Halloween lifestyle. Immediately out of the gate “Anxiety Central” plunges you into some sort of witchy sci-fi nightmare. From then on, the album is all danceable atmospheres and weird soundscapes for the midnight party monsters. Maybe the single track on the whole album that really represents what Wolfmen Of Mars have done so well over the last three years is track nine, “Space Cadets.” Try to stay still when you hear it!

DANGER! PERIL! THREAT! sports a cover that makes me wish there could be a Wolfmen Of Mars cartoon. (In fact the album description is “It’s the soundtrack to the Saturday morning cartoon of your nightmares.” Holy hell, if only!)

Wolfmen Of Mars certainly build upon their already impressive catalogue with this album. They get into some really cool rhythmic territory (“Places Surrounded” was originally available on The Mangled Dead split, but is included here with the acoustic version also) and get a little help from Disasterpeace (“Moonhammer”). It’s a step forward for the band, while also delivering fans exactly what they want.

Favorite tracks: “Anxiety Central,” “Moonhammer,” “On The Take,” “Space Cadets,” and “Places Surrounded (Acoustic Version)”.

To download the album immediately, go to the Wolfmen of Mars Bandcamp, and don’t forget to follow the pack on Twitter @WolfmenOfMars.

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