DVD Review: Deathgasm

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By Tim Murr


Many movies have attempted to capture the coming of age journey, of misfits finding their path and rising to their true potential or becoming the hero they were always meant to be. Deathgasm proves that most of these movies are utter bullshit.

After his mother gets locked away, teen metalhead Brodie is sent to live with his fundamentalist aunt and uncle who are mortified by his devilish looks and music. He finds himself an outcast in suburban sprawl; music is his only refuge from bullies and boredom. Things begin to look up when Brodie meets fellow headbanger, Zakk. They soon start a band and get up to no good, but it’s only a brief respite from the white-bread bully hell always stalking poor Brodie.

When Brodie and Zakk find themselves in possession of sheet music for a song called the “Black Hymn,” used for summoning a demon, Brodie sees a way to feel less powerless. Of course, things go awry.

For a horror comedy, Deathgasm has an emotional depth that will catch viewers off-guard. For all blood spurting out of every hole in the human body and entrails plopping on the carpet, director Jason Lei Howden crafts an incredibly fun and smart story with a lovable lead. You never stop rooting for Brodie to win or blaming him when he intentionally has his band play the Black Hymn after being beaten to a pulp by his preppy cousin and one his friends. I’ve been that guy on the ground getting the shit kicked out of me. This really hit me where I live.

The emotional stuff is just the icing on the cake, though. What’s going to make Deathgasm a legendary cult hit is the sick action, hilarious sight gags and dialogue, and outstanding gore effects. Deathgasm calls to mind the most splat-tastic work of Sam Raimi and Peter Jackson while still being an original beast all its own.

Another reason Deathgasm is such a success is that the laughs are earned. Something that often turns me off about horror comedies or comedies in general is that I often feel like the director is constantly nudging me in the ribs saying, “Did you see that? That was funny!” The horror and laughs flow naturally in Deathgasm and even when it’s an over the top moment, like smacking a possessed man with a giant dildo, it serves the story, rather than distracts.

Deathgasm is available now, but know that if you’re looking for it at Wal-Mart it’s called Heavy Metal Apocalypse and features a different cover. Because ya know, it’s fine to profit off Satan as long as no one sees the pentagram or thinks about orgasms.

Deathgasm was released on January 5 from Dark Sky Films.

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