Samantha Fox Reissues: Touch Me (1986), Samantha Fox (1987), I Wanna Have Some Fun (1989), and Just One Night (1991)

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By Emily Carney

samantha fox reissues

Who is Samantha Fox? She’s probably the most notorious “Page Three Girl,” having posed topless for the UK tabloid The Sun at age 16 (yeah, I know it’s gross). Her parents were even behind her entry into show business and ubiquity. In the last decade, she’s been known in her home country for being a reality TV star, having done some stints on Wife Swap and I’m a Celebrity . . . Get Me Out of Here!

However, in the US, many might remember her for her forays into the world of freestyle and dance pop. Cherry Pop Records has now reissued her first four albums, which will be essential to those who bopped their heads to Club MTV back in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Her first three records, Touch Me, Samantha Fox, and I Wanna Have Some Fun, are generally Stock Aitken Waterman “products.” Those producers are also known for Rick Astley’s inescapable “Never Gonna Give You Up,” which continues to infect the Internet like a virulent STD decades after its release.

Like many late 1980s dance pop princesses, Ms. Fox doesn’t have a lot going for her vocally, but her signature tunes like “Touch Me (I Want Your Body)” and the title track of I Wanna Have Some Fun will be memorable to those who first heard the songs back in the day. As albums, though, they don’t really hold up throughout and are a bit same-y. The reissues come with a second disc of “dance remixes,” if you’re really into that; these remixes don’t really add anything to the albums, but might be useful if you need some background music at a 1980s throwback party.

The best of the reissues is Just One Night, because it features the ultimate Jheri-curled late 1980s R&B combo Full Force (better known as the bad guys in the Kid ‘n Play movie, House Party). The single “Hurt Me, Hurt Me (But the Pants Stay On)” has perhaps the best title of any dance pop song ever, and is just a whole lot of stupid fun. There’s also a “Pants Come Off” remix, whatever that means. In any case, bring a condom and enjoy this silliness for yourself.

In summation, if you like mindless dance pop from the late 1980s and enjoyed fist pumping to Stevie B, these albums will be much-loved in your collection. Just keep the clothes on.

All four of the Samantha Fox reissues are available to order from the Cherry Red Records website.

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  1. Paul Bucelis-Collins:
    August 1st, 2012 at 11:44 am

    Granted, her vocals weren’t her strength (come to think of it, the same could be said about Madonna) but Ms. Fox didn’t rest on her laurels once her mid-80’s flame was finally extinguished. She went on to develop a rather illustrious career appearing in, would you believe, Bollywood films. Not many Western actors or songstresses can add Bollywood to their resume.

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