Steroid Maximus At Celebrate Brooklyn!

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By Ann Clarke
All photos © 2010 Julie Finley

Prospect Park, Brooklyn NY
June 18, 2010

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I haven’t been attending many concerts in the past two years since it seems that everyone touring now totally sucks, or they’re mediocre and not worth losing any sleep over. Plus, having a culmination of illnesses has made the idea of standing around all night waiting for drugged-out prima donnas to grace the audience with their bullshit less than appealing. So my love for live performances has been put on ice.

However, I got an email from the one and only JG Thirlwell that put a bug in my ear. I was given secretive information from him about an upcoming show in the works—for his larger-than-life project known as Steroid Maximus—as part of Celebrate Brooklyn!, a nightly performance series that takes place annually in Prospect Park, in the heart of Brooklyn, NY. It would also take place sometime in June, and the event would be free to the public, but I had to keep it on the down low since details were still being ironed out and the scheduled season of Celebrate Brooklyn! had not been announced yet. Since Celebrate Brooklyn! has a history of some rather higher profile performers in its repertoire this was a pretty big fucking deal!

So I had this nugget of information parked in a brain cell that was itching to pop-out verbally like a bad case of Tourette’s! I didn’t keep it a total secret, though. I had to tell a friend that lives in Brooklyn about it, but she’s trustworthy and not a blabbermouth. Plus, if I were going to make the trip, there was no way I’d go to that show without her! So planning was put into works!

I was really on the wire about actually going. I REALLY WANTED TO GO, BUT . . . I had just been in NYC a few weeks before and it was pretty irresponsible of me to just run back there like that considering how money is tight and times are hard! So I watched airfares like I was watching the fucking stock market on Wall Street! Considering the show was on a Friday night, I wouldn’t have to miss much work (just a half-vacation day) so . . . I waited and bought the cheapest airfare, and off I went! (No regrets!)

Now, I knew this was going to be awesome . . . but just how awesome? Well . . . it truly exceeded my expectations! It was stated in the PR as well as the program that the songs were going to be from Ectopia and a few Venture Bros. ones, too.

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