TITLE?? Q&A With Hiro Hayashi Of POLYSICS

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Popshifter: How are US and Japanese crowds different from a performer’s point of view?

Hiro Hayashi: Fans in America tend to enjoy lives by themselves in a free style; fans in Japan enjoy the unity with the other fans doing choreographies together.

Popshifter: I really enjoyed Kayo’s solo EP; are there any other solo projects coming?

Hiro Hayashi: Nope.

Popshifter: If you could work with anyone in the world, who would it be?

Hiro Hayashi: Want to collaborate with DEVO’s member and make a song.

Popshifter: Of all the POLYSICS videos, which is your favorite?


Popshifter: Who typically comes up with the ideas and imagery used in the videos and photography for the albums?

Hiro Hayashi: Basically referring to the member’s idea, have a meeting with the director, designer (PV is director), manager, and create the image.

Popshifter: You’ve said that in the very early days of the band, keyboardists would quit after each gig—why?

Hiro Hayashi: Suppose they found something more interesting than music.

Popshifter: Is there anyone that you’re a big fan of that your fans might be surprised about?

Hiro Hayashi: Echo & the Bunnymen’s guitarist, Will Sergeant. When we met him at Spain’s live, and tried to give him POLYSICS album, he already had it and told us that, “When I do DJ, I play POLYSICS every time!” I was so surprised that he knew POLYSICS.

Popshifter: Who are some Japanese bands performing today that you’re really excited about that we might not know (yet!) in the US?

Hiro Hayashi: YOLZ IN THE SKY, they are the Japanese “PIL.”

Popshifter: Do you have anything else you’d like to add?

Hiro Hayashi: The new POLYSICS is ready. We will be able to show you the “New POLYSICS” in any time. See you soon!

Check out the latest release from POLYSICS, Absolute POLYSICS, on the band’s MySpace page or Official Website (in Japanese).


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