TITLE?? Q&A With Hiro Hayashi Of POLYSICS

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By Matt Keeley

As I mentioned a few weeks ago on the Popshifter Blog, POLYSICS are the best band in the universe.

Their DEVO-inspired, frenetic sound not only made them huge in their native Japan, but also a cult band with ever-increasing presence around the world. After their sold-out concert in Bukodan, which was their last show with Kayo, keyboardist and co-vocalist, their guitarist Hiro Hayashi agreed to do an email interview with Popshifter about his musical influences and the future of POLYSICS.

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Popshifter: POLYSICS have always been very open about their influences. What five albums would you recommend to your fans that are must-haves?

Hiro Hayashi:
1. DEVO, LIVE: The Mongoloid Years
2. Bill Nelson’s Red Noise, Sound on Sound
3. Foetus, Deaf
4. Kraftwerk, Computer World
5. Die Krupps, 4 Volle Kraft Voraus

Popshifter: Hiro, you’re the most energetic person I’ve ever seen; how can other people attempt to harness the energy you put out?

Hiro Hayashi: Each member is trying to “Enjoy today’s live as much as we can!” for every gig, so I guess they aren’t really paying attention on me being energetic. (laughs)

Popshifter: With Kayo retiring from the band, have you made any decisions about the future direction of POLYSICS? Will you continue as a three-piece, or look for a new fourth member?

Hiro Hayashi: After Kayo’s graduation, POLYSICS doesn’t really have any plans to have a new member. However, we will become a new band as a “New POLYSICS” in three of us. Please keep an eye on us.

Popshifter: Hiro, your guitar style is very interesting, and not something I’ve heard from other bands. How did you develop it? Who are your biggest influences on your style of playing?

Hiro Hayashi: I developed by myself. I looked at the books, but I really didn’t understand, so I carried around my guitar everywhere even when I got to bed and go to the bathroom, just the style popped out all the sudden. Guitarists I have been influenced by are DEVO’s BOB1, XTC’s Andy Partridge, Bill Nelson, RAMONES’ Joey Ramone.

Popshifter: What’s your favorite DEVO song?

Hiro Hayashi: “Smart Patrol/Mr.DNA,” it’s very punk and alternative, and a new wave song. It’s DEVO’s definitely the quintessence.

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