September/October 2009


Popshifter‘s Halloween Horrors II: The Heretic

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Exorcist II: The Heretic, 1977

Staff Picks

My So-Called Teen Movies: Five Fave John Hughes Moments
by Laura L.

Festival Features and Reviews

Warped Tour in Kansas City: I’m Too Old For This Shit
Includes interviews with Adam Phillips of The Architects and Shooter Jennings
by Danny R. Phillips

Cillian’s Bounty: Toronto International Film Festival
Includes a review of Perrier’s Bounty, directed by Ian Fitzgibbon
by Less Lee Moore


Way Past Almost Golden: Courtney Love In The 2000s
by Emily C.

Unclear On The Concept: A Brief History Of The Concept Album
by Christian Lipski

kilroy was here


Whip It
by Laura L.

Electric Six, Kill
by Christian Lipski

Jay Reatard, Watch Me Fall
by Less Lee Moore

Bat For Lashes, Two Suns
by Ann Clarke

Big Star, Keep An Eye On The Sky (box set)
by Kaye Telle

The Eternal (Sonic) Youth
by J Howell

Keeping It Real: Gogol Bordello
by Emily C.

Wave Of Adulation: Black Francis
by J Howell