September/October 2008


Popshifter‘s Halloween Horrors Issue!

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let sleeping corpses lie_2
Let Sleeping Corpses Lie

Staff Picks

street trash

Top Five Slang Expressions From My Youth
by Christian Lipski


Going With The Known Demons: An Interview With The Melvins
by Summer Hayes


The Grey Zone: Or, Why Battlestar Galactica Is So Frakkin’ Good
by David Speranza

Stars of the Pewter Screen: Trash Movies
by Ann Clarke


Big Bang Day: The Legendary Pink Dots’ Plutonium Blonde
by Hanna

Souls Don’t Die: 54-40’s Northern Soul
by Megashaun

Pop Culture Holy Grail

Sometimes the search for that elusive pop culture treasure can seem like an epic quest for a mystical artifact.

The First Synthpop Song, Part Two
by Less Lee Moore

Waxing Nostalgic: Headbanger’s Ball Edition

Christian Lipski, with some help from Michael Small, reminds us of the days when MTV rocked. At least on Saturday nights.

heavy metal poster

Guns N’ Roses, G N’R Lies (Then and Later)
by Christian Lipski and Michael Small

Bon Jovi, New Jersey

Megadeth, So Far, So Good. . . So What!

Metallica, . . . And Justice For All

Metallica, Kill ‘Em All

Poison, Open Up and Say Aah

Vixen, Vixen

Winger, Winger