July/August 2008



It Just Doesn’t Matter
by Less Lee Moore

meatballs tripper
“Hey Spaz, I was watchin’ you out there.
Looked like you had a chance there for a second.”

Are You Ready For The Summer?

FEATURING: An Interview With The Bicycles, Summer Music and Movies, A Trip To The Beach

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Hot, sticky, sweet. . . from our heads to our feet.

Sparks Spectacular

21 Miracles of the Modern Age

From May 16 through June 11 of 2008, Sparks played all 20 of their albums in a row, one per night, at Carling Academy Islington in London. This astounding series of shows, from a band who’s been around for 37 years, was followed by the live premiere of their twenty-first studio release, Exotic Creatures of the Deep, on June 13 at Shepherd’s Bush Empire. Fans from around the world submitted reviews for each night of the show to Popshifter, and we have published them in this issue.


by Mandy Mullins and Jaime Sparrowhawk

It’s A Family Affair: Top Ten Musical Siblings from Garbo’s Daughter

A Conversation With The Cowsills

Q & A

54-40 Has Northern Soul: Q & A with Neil Osborne
by Megashaun


Speaking The Language of Pop: An Interview With Roger Joseph Manning, Jr.
by Less Lee Moore

Creating Utopia: An Interview With Jason Falkner
by Less Lee Moore

Please Don’t Spoil The Movie By Adding Your Own Soundtrack: An Interview With Mike Nelson
by Megashaun

No Shame In Flamboyance: An Interview With Gere Fennelly
by Less Lee Moore

Scene from Grace of My Heart
Directed by Alison Anders, 1996


Nonconsensual Fandom
by Jessica Melusine

Bringin’ The Crazy: John Cale in the 1970s
by Emily C.

A Funny-Animal Comic Book: Cerebus
by Christian Lipski

You’re So Good To Me: Why “Hot” May Be The Perfect Pop Song
by Christian Lipski

Adventures with Metal Mania: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
by Ann Clarke

Out Of My Shell: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Me
by Megashaun


They Are All, So Don’t Even Try: NXNE 2008 with Redd Kross
by Less Lee Moore

Glitter and Doom: Tom Waits
by J Howell

It Has To Be From The Heart: Firewater
by Ann Clarke

Jonathan Coulton Feels Fantastic
by Megashaun

spirit of 76 chris and tommy
“What sign are you? Because my mood ring
just like, totally changed colors.”
Scene from Lucas Reiner’s The Spirit of ’76, 1990

Pop Culture Holy Grail

Sometimes the search for that elusive pop culture treasure can seem like an epic quest for a mystical artifact.

The First Synthpop Song, Part One
by Less Lee Moore

Waxing Nostalgic

Popshifter trips down the turntable lane.

1983: Music For Twelve-Year-Olds?
by Jimmy Ether, Jemiah Jefferson, and Less Lee Moore

1988: Perk Up Your Ears
by Latanya and Christian Lipski