January/February 2010


Irish Things We Love

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michael collins by scorberg
Liam Neeson (center) in
Michael Collins, 1996
Screencap by Scorberg

Q&As and Interviews

Images of Peter: Finding Peter Godwin
By Emily C.

The Life Of A 21st Century Musician: An Interview With Jim Campilongo
By J Howell


The Art Or The Crime?
By Jesse Roth

A Fortnight In The Tower Of Song: Leonard Cohen And The Creative Life
By Ben Sullivan

In Defense Of Fanfiction
By Lisa Anderson

Growing Old With The State
By Jesse Roth


Andy Barker, P.I.
By Michelle Patterson

By Lisa Anderson

Nine, A Soundtrack Review
By Danny R. Phillips

The Living Sisters, Love To Live
By Chelsea Spear

Them Crooked Vultures, S/T
By Adam McIntyre

White Lies, To Lose My Life. . .
By Jim R. Clark