January/February 2008


Staff Picks

Top Five Thrift Store Finds by Lisa Haviland

Top Five Most Useless Star Wars Characters by Megashaun

Top Five Ticket Stubs by Less Lee Moore

Feature Articles

Q & A with Fatal Farm
by Less Lee Moore

They’re much more than “the two guys who do Lasagna Cat.”

say anything
“I don’t want to sell anything,
buy anything, or process
anything as a career.”

Urge Overlooked
by Michael Row
They could bleed when they wanted to bleed.

Is It A Guilty Pleasure If You Don’t Feel Guilty?
by Christian Lipski
“They say justice is blind. I sure hope it ain’t deaf.”

No Sense Makes Sense: Peter Bogdanovich’s Targets
by Less Lee Moore
The sixties are alive and unwell.

Ron Howard: Who Loves Ya Baby?
by Michelle Patterson
Seriously. Who?

My So-Called Memories
by Nicole V.
Teenage angst has paid off well; now it’s on DVD!

Married and Buried: Punk as a Four-Letter Word, Part One
by Less Lee Moore
Rock and roll sucks.

The Expert
by Christian Lipski
Embarrassing fan encounters from the front lines, um, row.

Romance Schmomance
by Queen Spajina
Would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?

The Death of The Mix
by Christian Lipski
Constant change is here to stay.

Pop Culture Holy Grail

Sometimes the search for that elusive pop culture treasure can seem like an epic quest for a mystical artifact. In this issue, Hanna shares two stories of such pursuits.

My One-Night Stand With Kevin Ayers

Peter Godwin’s Porn Purgatory

Waxing Nostalgic

Popshifter trips down the turntable lane.

Thriller: My Introduction to Pop Culture
by Laura L.

Duran Duran’s Seven and the Ragged Tiger
by Less Lee Moore