Halloween Horrors IV: The Awakening – September/October 2011



A Horrible Problem To Have
by Less Lee Moore

race with the devil2
Race With The Devil, 1975


Mixtape For The Apocalypse: An Interview With Author Jemiah Jefferson
by Lisa Anderson

Rue Morgue’s Festival of Fear 2011

The Killing Floor: What Happened At Rue Morgue Festival Of Fear 2011
by Less Lee Moore

A Nocturnal Nomad: Near Dark With Lance Henriksen
by Less Lee Moore

Nose Putty In My Hair: Time With Tom Savini
by Less Lee Moore

We Were Having A Party And Harry Warden Started Killing Everybody: 30 Years Of My Bloody Valentine
by Less Lee Moore

Ghoulish Gaming

Such Dulcet, Horrifying Tones: The Music of Silent Hill
by Jonathan Barkan

Batman: Arkham City—The Album
by Paul Casey

No Gods or Kings. Only Man: Bioshock
by Paul Casey

race with the devil 1
Race With The Devil, 1975

Terrifying Television

True Blood: Music From The HBO Original Series, Volume 3
by Melissa B.

He Is the Night, He Is Vengeance, He Is Batman: The Animated Series
by Paul Casey

Crypts And Blood: A Creepy Crawl Through The History Of Horror Hosts
by Cait Brennan

Greetings Traveller: Tales From Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace
by Paul Casey

Frightening Films

Jesus Take The (Lunar) Wheel: Apollo 18
by Emily Carney

Theatre Of Blood: The Stage Is Set . . . For Murder!
by Aila Slisco

Blood-Curdling Books

Halloween Nation: Behind The Scenes of America’s Fright Night, By Lesley Bannatyne
by Danny R. Phillips

Horror Films of the 1970s, By John Kenneth Muir
by Less Lee Moore

Fate And Fault In A Ford Pinto: The Everyday Horror Of Cujo
by AJ Wood

More Macabre Media

The Haunter Of The Dark: Horror In Radio
by Paul Casey

Everything Undead Is New Again: Are Vampires Still Vicious?
by Kai Shuart