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Interview: A Conversation With Director Steven DeGennaro

Published on February 14th, 2014 in: Found Footage, Horror, Interviews, Movies, Upcoming Movies, Upcoming Releases |

By Jeffery X Martin


When I first heard about the upcoming horror movie, Found Footage 3D, I immediately got on Twitter to make fun of it. Oh, don’t act like you’re shocked. The real surprise for me happened when the director of the movie, Steven DeGennaro, saw my tweet and engaged me in a civil conversation. That’s the inherent joy and terror of Twitter; you never know who’s reading. After talking to Steven for a while, I moved out of mockery mode and into curiosity. That led to research.

Steven DeGennaro previously directed the short film, First Date. For his new movie, he is working closely with horror icon Kim Henkel, co-writer of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. That certainly intrigued me. Then, I had the opportunity to talk to Steven DeGennaro at the end of last month.


Assemblog: December 13, 2013

Published on December 13th, 2013 in: Assemblog, Critics/Criticism, In Development, Movies, Trailers, TV, Upcoming Movies |

Out of the Furnace

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