Images Of Peter: Finding Peter Godwin, Part Two

Published on May 30th, 2010 |

Interview by Emily Carney

In this continuation of Popshifter’s interview with singer/musician Peter Godwin from our January/February 2010 issue, Peter discusses his memorable music videos, musical production, his new album with his project Nuevo, and plans for future projects.
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Images of Peter: Finding Peter Godwin

Published on January 30th, 2010 |

Interview and introduction by Emily Carney

Cherchez la femme: “Images of Heaven”

Years ago (it’s been so long, I’ve forgotten what year it was exactly), I was watching one of those late night “alternative” music shows on MTV, looking for videos by my then-favorites, Joy Division and New Order (I regularly bored friends to tears in school gushing about these two bands). I thought it was slightly insulting that the very best musical artists around were only seen on a Sunday night at 12:00 a.m. and later.

I had a crappy circa-1983 VHS recorder I would tape these videos on. . . I remember these tapes were filled with old-wave hits. Pete Shelley’s “Homosapien,” the Psychedelic Furs “Love My Way,” and the Human League’s “Love Action (I Believe in Love)” were just a few of the videos I remember seeing over and over again on extremely grainy videotape.

images of heaven still

. . . But I digress. This one particular night a video by a guy called Peter Godwin flickered to life on the Magnavox TV screen. It was called “Images of Heaven” and it straddled the line between being ridiculously 1980s and strangely intriguing. The plot of the video included a man living in a rather sophisticated townhouse (with a spiral staircase!) being tormented by a sexy woman who existed in his television, and in his mind. His apartment was filled with fur, leopard-skin rugs, and silver couch cushions. (I’ll bet it smelled like Opium by Yves Saint Laurent.)
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Peter Godwin’s Porn Purgatory

Published on January 30th, 2008 |

By Hanna

“I only subscribe to porn mags
for the articles, honest!”

“The Internet is for porn,” as the song goes, and so when I went looking for the allegedly raunchy video for the Peter Godwin song “Images of Heaven,” I imagined it would be easy. The song was popular at the time it was released, and still much-loved judging from blog entries about it. Plus, the artist and director are both still alive.

However, recent clampdowns on footage of a pornographic or otherwise graphic nature on YouTube and other hosting sites actually meant that it would not be easy at all.

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Music Review: Duncan Browne, Planet Earth: The Transatlantic/Logo Years 1976-1979

Published on July 14th, 2017 |

By Hanna

This year would have marked Duncan Browne’s 70th birthday, had he not died in 1993. It also marks the 40th anniversary of the Metro album. Extensive re-releases of Duncan Browne’s work are rare, and anyone looking for his music will be happy with this reissue containing all his late 1970s work for Logo/Transatlantic: his two solo albums The Wild Places and Streets of Fire but also the entire Metro album.
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Our May/June 2010 Issue Is Out Now

Published on May 31st, 2010 |

May/June 2010 Issue

May/June2010 Issue
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Issue 016—Interviews with Pat Fear of White Flag; Peter Godwin, Part Two; Features on I Haz A Flavor: Context, HTRK/Sean Stewart, Top Gear, Armchair Casting Director: Water For Elephants, Bob Dylan, Summer Cocktails; Reviews of Sparks, Arcadia, Rock ‘n’ Roll High School, I Need That Record, Suburbia, Shad, Howe Gelb, John Lennon, and The Kinks; Waxing Nostalgic with Stereolab, Ben Folds Five

January/February 2010

Published on January 30th, 2010 |

Irish Things We Love

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michael collins by scorberg
Liam Neeson (center) in
Michael Collins, 1996
Screencap by Scorberg

Q&As and Interviews

Images of Peter: Finding Peter Godwin
By Emily C.

The Life Of A 21st Century Musician: An Interview With Jim Campilongo
By J Howell


The Art Or The Crime?
By Jesse Roth

A Fortnight In The Tower Of Song: Leonard Cohen And The Creative Life
By Ben Sullivan

In Defense Of Fanfiction
By Lisa Anderson

Growing Old With The State
By Jesse Roth


Andy Barker, P.I.
By Michelle Patterson

By Lisa Anderson

Nine, A Soundtrack Review
By Danny R. Phillips

The Living Sisters, Love To Live
By Chelsea Spear

Them Crooked Vultures, S/T
By Adam McIntyre

White Lies, To Lose My Life. . .
By Jim R. Clark

Give Me Take You: The Music of Duncan Browne

Published on November 29th, 2008 |

By Emily C.

While bands like Roxy Music gained much publicity and popularity in the mid-1970s, Duncan Browne’s musical talents—superior in many ways—seemed doomed to fade into obscurity. Duncan Browne was a classical guitarist and singer who began his career in a folk vein with 1968’s Give Me Take You album. In many ways, this album is like the solo work of the Beatles, only less saccharine. Many of these gorgeous-sounding songs wouldn’t seem out of place next to George Harrison’s “My Sweet Lord” (perhaps the best post-Beatles song by any member of that band) with their whispery vocals, ambitious horn sections, and Browne’s impressive guitar figures.
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Those Old Melodies: Songs Rediscovered

Published on May 30th, 2008 |

Intro by Less Lee Moore

Recently I was listening to The Vines’ Highly Evolved album again. My history with this album is intriguing, and proves my theory that some music needs to be fully digested before you can appreciate it.
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