TV Review: Trailer Park Boys, S10 E05, “If You Don’t Believe It It’s Not Real”

Published on April 7th, 2016 in: Canadian Content, Comedy, Current Faves, Netflix Reviews, Reviews, TV, TV Reviews |

By Tyler Hodg


After watching “If You Don’t Believe It, It’s Not Real,” it becomes apparent that Season 10 is a slow burn, hopefully one with a large payoff.

The fifth episode has the boys heading out on another job (for those who are counting, this is job number five). The danger attached to each attempt at fast cash is growing exponentially, and the latest hits a new peak.

After an insurance setup by Julian’s lawyer goes wrong, a truck driver and Ricky get into a firefight, which leads to Jacob being shot in the stomach.

Now, if this seems tense and dramatic, then you would only be half right. While the scene will have viewers on the edge of their seats, it will also make people die of laughter. The miscommunication between the characters makes the heist so hilarious, with Bubbles’ freak-outs being a highlight.

The four-eyed friend is usually the voice of reason, and continues to be, even after killing Sam Losco—well, sort of killing Sam Losco. Julian vetoes hospitals, so the group takes Jacob to a familiar “friend” to get stitched up. Things get screwy, arguments ensue, and Bubbles ends up conking Sam on the top of his head with an oversized toothbrush.

Picture that image and try not to laugh. And now picture the gang rolling Sam up in a rug, and Ricky accidentally backing over him. Now, imagine the burrito-wrapped Sam flying off of the roof a speeding car.

Bubbles’ reaction to the entire situation is the highlight of the episode, and viewers won’t know whether to laugh or cry at his turmoil.

Something that is also conflicted is the ending. Sam is found crawling at the gates of Sunnyvale and leaves without trouble, which is anti-climatic, but the truck the boys stole in the heist earlier in the episode can possibly lead to a major plot point, considering it was filled with liquor, and everything needed for a casino.

The Sam fiasco fizzles out, but the findings leave “If You Don’t Believe It, It’s Not Real” on a cliffhanger. There is so much right with this episode, it’s hard to put it down for its faults. With the boys getting ready for “Moneyville,” it wouldn’t be surprising to see things get even crazier in the coming installments.

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