TV Review: Fuller House S1 E06, “The Legend of El Explosivo”

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By Tyler Hodg


Who could have guessed that when the Fullers and Gibblers head to a wrestling event, something would go wrong?

Well, yeah, everyone.

In “The Legend of El Explosivo,” the two families attend a local wrestling promotion called “Lucha Kaboom” to take in the excitement, watch Ramona’s dance crew perform, and support Stephanie as the guest music curator. Jackson, who is caught performing dangerous stunts with rebellious best friend and Bobby Popko, is grounded and must find a way to sneak out of the house and join his family in secrecy.

Max attends the event dressed as his favorite wrestler. When Jackson arrives at the venue, he believes his younger brother is actually the one in the ring battling it out. The teen slides into the squared-circle only to realize that Max is not in the ring, and he has now put himself in a terrible situation. D.J.’s motherly instincts kick in as she slides into the ring to layeth the smacketh down on those who’ve been mishandling her son.

This plot seems too good to be true. In most shows, this would be considered jumping the shark, but in Fuller House, there is something so natural about the outrageousness of the episode. Perhaps it’s the fact that the show has carved out a reputation for not being very well-written, and being great for that reason.

Something the episode did well was introduce a brand-new character into the mix that actually has substance. There were always great best friends in Full House, like Howie, Teddy, and most notably Kimmy, so hopefully supporting characters like Bobby continue to occur.

“The Legend of El Explosivo” feels insignificant in the general arch of the show, but is still stupid-fun. Like basically every episode of the series so far, it’s best when brains are turned off, or–at the very least–down to a simmer.


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