TV Review: Fuller House S1, E02, “Moving Day”

Published on February 26th, 2016 in: Comedy, Current Faves, Netflix Reviews, Reviews, TV, TV Reviews |

By Tyler Hodg


The second episode of Fuller House dials down the craziness of its predecessor and adds a bit more stability in nearly every aspect. The core characters now have room to breathe and develop without an onslaught of distractions from the older generation. This, of course, is a step in the right direction.

DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy have retained the essential elements of their characters from the previous series, with the addition of a few new layers. The three females leads have taken on the roles once held by Danny, Jesse, and Joey and, like their elders, are learning as they go along.

Most of the episode is centered around the Fullers and Gibblers settling into the once-again crowded home. The children–Jackson, Max, and Ramona–have the hardest time adjusting to the new living situation, and naturally, issues arise between them. Eldest child Jackson doesn’t want to share a room with middle child Max (like DJ and Stephanie!), and Ramona would rather not sleep in a “hobbit room” in the attic with mother Kimmy.

Upset about losing the room battle, Jackson sneaks into his Great-Uncle Jesse’s truck, who had returned to the house for his favorite guitar. The appearance of Jesse doesn’t feel forced or hokey in any way, which was a concern for many fans prior to release. Seeing other characters pop up at some other points should come as a welcomed aspect, but only if it’s not abused.

Somewhere lost in the mix is the youngest Fuller, Tommy. The baby currently only has the capability to be a glorified prop, but assists in developing other characters’ personalities through interactions with them. It is important to remember that the Olsen twins were roughly the same age as these twin baby actors when they began the show, so it’s possible the character will blossom into someone memorable one day.

Notably absent are characters Steve Hale and Kimmy’s ex-husband Fernando, who are both said to return at some point. The development of Steve and DJ’s relationship appears to be one of the most satisfying narratives in the season, but it is currently unclear how it will all play out.

Like the families, Fuller House is settling in and finding its purpose. Although the second episode was fairly low-key, the tone of the show is established and more light, but inevitably emotional, family romps are on the way.

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