DVD Review: The Devil Incarnate

Published on October 31st, 2014 in: DVD, DVD/Blu-Ray Reviews, Found Footage, Horror, Movie Reviews, Movies, Reviews |

By Brad Henderson


I’m a found footage lover, but holy shit, this style is becoming so redundant.

Pregnancy horror is so overused these days and now directors are using found footage to tell the stories. In order to tell a story about a pregnancy or a haunting people think they need a home movie camera in order to do so. This is why people are sick of found footage.

Now there is a film called The Devil Incarnate which doesn’t hide what it’s about. It blends found footage with a traditional way of storytelling and it’s interesting but the jumping back and forth between styles takes you out of the film.

There isn’t much tell about the film because it’s pretty straight forward. If anything this film borrows a lot from a film from last year called The Devil’s Due. It has many similarities and goes in the same direction which makes it not scary and highly predictable.

The acting in The Devil Incarnate is solid but that can’t save it. Maybe I’m just high maintenance but I don’t find satisfaction in watching a film and being able to tell you exactly what is going to happen within 15 minutes.

As for the plot? It is just like every other one of these films. Here’s what you are usually in store for with movies like this.

– Newly married couple
– Honeymoon/Road Trip
– Scary or weird event
– Girl passes out and wakes up in hospital
– Finds out she is pregnant
– Needs to film everything
– Happiness for five minutes
– Couple goes home to find out they have a dog now
– Weird shit starts happening
– Woman starts acting out of control
– Dude calls friends and tries to find out what is wrong
– Dog is murdered
– Maybe a couple of deaths take place
– Woman gives birth to the baby and (maybe) the devil shows up

I’m pretty sure that is the outline for every single one of these films and it’s getting so tiresome. Please do something new and creative because this is too much and not fun. We honestly don’t want to sit around watching the horrors of a pregnancy and then some devil shit. It’s old and predictable and doesn’t make the movie an entertaining thing to watch.

The Devil Incarnate was released on October 7 through Image Entertainment.

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