Blu-Ray Review: The Machine

Published on June 6th, 2014 in: Blu-Ray, Current Faves, DVD/Blu-Ray Reviews, Movie Reviews, Movies, Reviews, Science Fiction |

By Brad Henderson


Sci Fi on a budget is one of the hardest tasks in filmmaking. One thing you constantly worry about is how the effects in your film will look. You don’t want them to look cheap and cheesy because that’s a good way to lose your audience quickly. Also, when it comes to this genre, you need a story that is original and not a copy of a copy.

Recently I watched a movie called The Machine. With a dingy title like that, I didn’t expect much. Even the cover to this film is overly generic and looks cheap so I wasn’t too thrilled about putting myself in the situation of reviewing it. I was going to push it off for a little bit, but I gave in (as usual) and watched it. Wrong. I have no idea why these companies use such awful packaging because this film completely comes out of nowhere and hits hard. The Machine may be low budget but it’s one of those films that used every penny very wisely to bring pleasure to your eyes.

In The Machine, the British Government is in the midst of the second Cold War and they want a new weapon. Vincent is the lead scientist heading a program that has created a super soldier, an A.I. known as The Machine. When an accident breaks out, Vincent is forced to take his work underground. Years after the accident he has developed a perfect, fully operational, and self-aware cyborg that the Ministry of Defence wants to use for war. The A.I. and other cyborgs thwart their plans and stage a takeover on the facility.

The Machine belongs in the ’80s. The story, the music, and the plot are something you would have seen in that decade. Yet, it’s nice that The Machine doesn’t blatantly rip anything off. Yes, it does have some Terminator “references” but they are homages and I doubt most people will even pick them up. There are some shots in this film that are absolutely outstanding. However, there are too many lens flares, but it doesn’t ruin anything. (I know in order to do a Sci Fi flick you apparently have to have a large number of lens flares in order to tell your audience you are in the future.)

Just about every effect in this film looks incredibly real. I’m not sure who did the CGI for The Machine but they need to be working for some of the bigger companies in Hollywood so they can spruce up some blockbusters with SFX that look somewhat legit. I still can’t get over how well crafted The Machine is. Even the acting is superb.

I’m hoping The Machine blows up and gets the recognition it deserves. I predict it will have quite the following in coming years. There are a few indie Sci Fi flicks out there that have gained a cult following, so I hope The Machine is one that gets added to the list.

The Machine will be released on June 17 from Xlrator Media.

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