DVD Review: My Amityville Horror

Published on August 12th, 2013 in: Documentaries, DVD, DVD/Blu-Ray Reviews, Horror, Movie Reviews, Movies, Reviews |

By Brad Henderson


Some look at The Amityville Horror as just a movie. It has been dismissed many times by many people, but no one can deny that something happened in that house; whatever it may be, something happened. Recently, IFC Films released a documentary that focuses on Daniel Lutz, the oldest of the children in the Lutz family, and his story and confessions on what happened during those 28 terrifying days spent at 112 Ocean Avenue.

I’m one of those that believe that some of the events that were “recorded” actually happened in that house. I do believe that George Lutz was full of shit and that they fabricated a lot to sell their story. However, I also believe that certain events occurred, and then the family just went with it.

In My Amityville Horror, Daniel Lutz tells his side of the story, and he sells it. Yeah, he could be bullshitting, but the way he speaks is very convincing. If he is lying, he is the best liar in the world.

Daniel starts his story from the family’s first day in the house until the day they left. We have seen the films, and we know about the “bleeding walls,” “the flies,” and “Get Out!” but this focuses on the little things that happened while they were in that house. We have seen the movie side, but now it is time to hear Daniel’s side.

Daniel continues with stories from his childhood and also meets with others that met with him when he was younger. The filmmakers also approach others that think the whole Amityville haunting is a hoax and mention that Daniel might have made this up in his head while he was younger.

If you have seen the very successful The Conjuring, you should know that the Warrens also investigated the Amityville house. They briefly explain what the Warrens said and felt while their time inside 112 Ocean Ave. They also have a startling interview with Lorraine Warren that will leave you haunted.

Some might change their minds after watching My Amityville Horror or they might just think that everyone behind this documentary is full of crap. Either is fine; they didn’t make it for those reasons, they made this film to tell Daniel’s side of what happened. Whether if this story is true, fake, or partially made up, one thing you can’t deny is that Daniel was affected by these events and he is left somewhat broken inside.

My Amityville Horror was released on DVD through IFC Films on August 6.

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