Upcoming Movie: Lord of Tears

Published on March 14th, 2013 in: Horror, Movies, Trailers |

By Less Lee Moore

I first mentioned the spooky-looking horror film Lord of Tears back in September, but the trailer I had seen soon vanished from the Internet. I had not heard anything more about the film until now, but there is a lot of good news.

Lord of Tears, directed by Lawrie Brewster, is completed and been accepted into the San Diego Comic Fest in October. The film is available through pre-order via its a Kickstarter campaign, which was set up to assist with marketing and distribution. Even better, funding has already been met (the goal was met in ten days)!

A new trailer is now available, as is a viral-style video of the film’s villain—the Owlman—freaking out unsuspecting teens on Omegle.com (which is pretty hilarious).

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