Assemblog: October 12, 2012

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crying beliebers

This week’s Assemblog (and probably next week’s) will be bare bones; I’m working on lots of good stuff for the next few weeks.

Still, you can enjoy all the new articles on Popshifter this week if you haven’t read them already:

I think Ty Segall’s Twins is “deliriously enjoyable,” call Merchandise’s Children of Desire “unique and bracing,” am overwhelmed by Beyond The Black Rainbow, but disappointed in Wrath; Danny says Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs’ Sunday Run Me Over is the “prime example of what country music should sound like;” J declares Peggy Sue Play The Songs Of Scorpio Rising is “flat-out brilliant;” and Cait adds another chapter to the “Book of Long Lost Albums” in her review of the recently issued Elton Duck.

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