Top Ten: Jim Carrey’s Most Humorous Characters

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By Julie Finley

Jim Carrey: some people love him . . . some people hate him. I would fall into the “love” category, although I don’t love every single role he has played. But the ones I do adore, I REALLY love because no one could ever pull it off quite like him!

Sadly, there are people who actually claim that he’s “Not Funny!” or “Stupid!” I honestly do not know how anyone could NOT find at least one of his characters humorous, but some people are just assholes that lack a sense of humor. So, if you are one of those types, don’t even bother to read this! If you do have a healthy sense of humor, but have only paid attention to one or two characters he’s played, read on (or if you just appreciate the guy, this will be of interest)!

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite comedic roles he’s portrayed over the years. This list will not include his dramatic or more serious roles. He is a great dramatic actor, but comedy is truly his forte, and I really wish someone in Hollywood would write an incredible comedy film script that could bring his finest talents back into the spotlight. It’s been a while since he’s been in a rip-roaring hilarious feature, and I blame that on the absolute garbage that has come out of Hollywood in the past 10+ years. I think the last really great comedies I’ve seen were anything involving Sacha Baron Cohen, Bad Santa, The Forty Year Old Virgin, and Stepbrothers. Everything else has been totally lame, and I am sick of seeing the same five actors in the same roles over and over again!

With that said, here are my favorites, and I will note: these are original characters developed by Jim, not impersonations (which he is incredible at doing, but these are his own creations).

1. Lloyd Christmas; Dumb and Dumber

Lloyd Christmas is probably one of my all-time favorite film characters ever. He’s hard not to like! Christmas and Harry Dunne (played by co-star Jeff Daniels) were probably my favorite pair of buddies ever created for the big screen. If you have never watched Dumb and Dumber, you are probably Amish. If you avoided watching this, quit being pretentious, and just laugh. If you’ve seen this, and you don’t like it, you are just an a-hole with no sense of humor!

dumb and dumber

2. Ace Ventura; Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls

Ace Ventura was Carrey’s first lead role in a motion picture that had a budget (other than Once Bitten). He had smaller roles in films before, but this was what catapulted him into being a box-office draw. Clearly his talents on In Living Color caught the eye of someone in Hollywood!

ace ventura

3. Vera De Milo; In Living Color (Various sketches)

This character is what made me take notice of Jim Carrey. When I first saw this on In Living Color, I almost pissed myself laughing! I had never seen anything like it, and this is something that the eyes can’t un-see! There were many sketches reprising this role in the show, and they got increasingly more repulsive, but the kind of repulsion you laugh at.

4. Charley Baileygates/Hank Evans; Me, Myself & Irene

This was another pairing of Carrey and the infamous Farrelly Brothers, and another great one at that! Carrey nails it. You feel so bad for his sweet but abused character Charley and you want Charley to stand up for himself, but he’s just too nice of a guy. That’s until he has his breakdown, and Hank emerges. Hank is every devil on the shoulder that you could ever ask for! Just absolutely hilarious!

me myself & irene

5. Ernie “Chip” Douglas; The Cable Guy

I think I might be the only person alive that actually loved this film. Carrey plays psycho-stalker-creep a little too well! You’d think it wouldn’t be funny, but it is INDEED funny. PITCH BLACK HUMOR! Maybe I got a little extra joy out of this one because I can’t stand Matthew Broderick, so seeing him tormented by Carrey gave it that extra OOMPH!

the cable guy

6. Grandpa Jack McGee; In Living Color (Dysfunctional Family Home Show)

This is one of those sketches on In Living Color that I can watch over and over again and still laugh until I’m in pain! To my knowledge, this skit was only done four times, but it definitely should’ve been a more frequent sketch.

7. Dr. Rev. Carl Pathos; In Living Color (The 595 Club)

This sketch included Damon Wayans also portraying a corrupt televangelist (actually, that’s redundant; they are all corrupt!). This was featured on various episodes, and it was so spot-on in regards to the controversies surrounding scum like Jimmy Swaggart and Jim Bakker. Watch it, and let the blasphemy burn you!

8. Jay Kordich; In Living Color (Juicemania)

Actually, this was technically an impersonation—but, I believe “Jay Kordich” was probably even more insane than this portrayal. I mean, what informercial personalities are sane?

9. Kurt Singen (Flamboyant Enviromentalist); In Living Color (Various Sketches)

This wasn’t a constant character, but very much a stand-out. The uncanny resemblance to Freddie Mercury only added to the humor.

10. Background Guy; In Living Color (Various Sketches)

This is Carrey at his most minimalist, and what I mean by that is that he has no lines to deliver: it’s all pure physical comedy! It’s pure, and ad-libbed . . . and beautiful in all of its hyperactivity! I wish I had this kind of energy.

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