The Supernatural Drinking Game

Published on July 30th, 2011 in: Issues, My Dream Is On The Screen, TV |

By Lisa Anderson

castiel drinking

Here’s a drinking game for you fans of Supernatural! Perfect for a DVD marathon or one of the new episodes coming out this Fall. Because it is Supernatural, after all, I decided to go for 13.

To play, take a drink every time . . .

1. . . . someone with the last name Winchester yells at someone else with that last name. (Especially Seasons One and Four).

2. . . . the guys pull over the car and get out for a Very Serious Conversation. (Especially Seasons Three and Four).

3. . . . something really important that they’re trying to prevent can’t be prevented. On second thought, make that two drinks, because it’s usually something pretty bad.

4. . . . Dean uses a pop culture reference to understand something or explain it to a civilian.

5. . . . “But I already told all of this to the other officers/ detectives/investigators/agents?”

6. . . . Dean says something really strange and Sam gives him a “WTF?” look.

7. . . . Bobby calls someone an “idjit.”

8. . . . a demon or other monster is played by a hot chick. Finish your drink if Sam shows interest in, kisses, or hooks up with her.

9. . . . a ghost is dispatched right before it’s about to kill someone.

10. . . . demon (or angel) blunders into a Devil’s trap (or circle of holy oil). Finish your drink if it’s on the ceiling.

11. . . . Dean gets knocked unconscious (or Sam gets choked).

12. . . . the brothers use one of their rock star aliases. You must shout the band’s name, then take a drink.

13. . . . Castiel shows up. Whatever you’re drinking—whether it’s alcoholic or not—raise it and cheer. Because Castiel has shown up.

Thanks to my Supernatural fan friends, especially Team Castiel, for help with the list. Supernatural begins its seventh season on the CW Network on Friday, September 23.

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  1. Lanikay:
    February 24th, 2012 at 7:57 pm

    This is fantastic. Me and my donate will definitely do this during a netflix marathon very soon.

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