Robin Hatch, Sheezer: Best Of 2010

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anamanaguchi soundtrack

New Music that I was into this year

Anamanaguchi, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Original Videogame Soundtrack
Wild Nothing, Gemini
Kanye West, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (except for the song “Runaway,” which is the Emperor’s New Clothes of songs)
Anything Nicki Minaj does or is “feat.”-ed on

Live stuff that was cool

Caribou at the Phoenix
New Pornographers with Neko Case/Dan Bejar at Sound Academy
Neil Hamburger at Comedy Bar
Canadian Comedy Awards at the Isabel Bader Theatre—Kevin McDonald performed a skit with Dave Foley

Movies that were good

The Other Guys
Toy Story 3

Crazy awesome documentaries I saw

Hot Docs this year was really good: I liked 14th and Delaware (directed by the two ladies who made Jesus Camp); The Oath (about a former Al Qaeda bodyguard who now works as a cab driver); and GasLand (about the fracking situation in the States).

Best TV this year

All of Season Two of Party Down (especially the Steve Guttenberg birthday episode)
The “Tairy Greene Machine” episode of Tim and Eric: Awesome Show Great Job (all of Season Cinco was great, actually)
The pilot for Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule
The “Hunting Trip” episode of Parks and Recreation
Every episode of Children’s Hospital, the funniest show on TV right now

The only funny Canadian TV shows besides reruns of Kids in the Hall

YTV’s That’s So Weird
RogersTV’s SketchersonsTV


I got a great book called And Here’s The Kicker: Conversations With Humor Writers which is just fantastically edited interviews with writers for pretty much every TV show you can get. Also, my roommate just picked up I Found This Funny, which is an anthology of stories selected by Judd Apatow. The first story, “A Mother’s Love,” by James Agee, exploded my mind.

Chill websites and blogs

Gawker, McSweeney’s, The Onion, Gizmodo, Style Rookie, Hipster Runoff, Google

Best Internet Memes

Bed Intruder (duh)
That Chris Klein Mamma Mia audition
When Christoph Waltz did the Trololo thing on Jimmy Kimmel

Sheezer is an all-female Weezer tribute band from Toronto, ON. Check them out on MySpace, Facebook, and YouTube.

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