Lost And Never Found Again: My Class Ring

Published on March 17th, 2010 in: Lost & Never Found Again |

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My high school has a very unique-looking ring design: a green jewel in the middle with the school logo, surrounded by gold (regular or white—your choice). I cherished my high school ring when I got it, but nonetheless I lost it in 1998 during rehearsals of a community theater production of Narnia.

I took it off while in dress rehearsal, and I never found it again. I know I could call Jostens and still get it back, but I’d feel weird, given I’d lost it in, oh, 1998. But if anyone from Jostens is reading this, send me another ring! Thank you.
—Laura L.

I lost my class ring the first week I got it. I was umping Little League at the plate (my first paying job) and the ring was giving me a blister. I gave it to the field ump (a guy I liked who also happened to be a lifeguard) to hold for me. He put it in his shirt pocket and it fell out sometime during the game. I forgot to ask him for it until the next day when he told me he’d lost it. The fields had already been dragged.

His response? “That’s what you get for having a crush on a lifeguard.” What an ass!
—Dawn W.

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  1. Adam Mac:
    March 17th, 2010 at 8:18 pm

    I lost my class ring (and everything else from high school) when my stepmother threw everything in my bedroom away to make room for her daughter’s child, not that she was expecting.

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