Rue Morgue’s Festival of Fear: Toronto FanExpo 2008

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By Less Lee Moore

Being a tremendous fan of things Halloween- and horror-related, I look forward to the Rue Morgue Festival of Fear each year at the Toronto FanExpo. It’s a genuine thrill for me to look at original artwork, drool over horror movie posters, create my ongoing DVD wish list at the Anchor Bay store, and watch people wander around in costume.

Here are a few of the things I enjoyed at this year’s Festival.

harem scarem by chris roberts
Harem Scarem © Chris Roberts

The Monsterbatory World of Chris Roberts

A graduate of Toronto’s Central Technical Art School, Chris Roberts has contributed artwork to movies like Jumper, The Incredible Hulk, Ultraviolet, Max Payne, and X-Men, and is currently working on season two of The Jon Dore Show. As a huge horror movie fan, he has also been painting classic movie monsters for years. Incorporating his love of them into his art seemed like a natural progression. Although he primarily works with acrylics, he also sculpts and draws and is currently working on a Van Gogh werewolf based on one of the artist’s self-portraits.

A website featuring all of his artwork is in development, but in the meantime you can contact him at

ghoulish gary ea poe
Edgar Allan Poe
© Gary Pullin

The Art of Ghoulish Gary

If you’ve ever read Rue Morgue Magazine, you’ve seen Ghoulish Gary Pullin’s artwork. He began his career doing commercial art and then became involved with designing and illustrating for Rue Morgue on the side. This “double life” became overwhelming and eventually he left the corporate world to become the full-time art department for the magazine in addition to various other commissioned work.

Pullin’s inspirations seem to flow from every phase throughout the history of horror movies, with a decided influence from the look of comic book illustration. For more of Ghoulish Gary’s artwork and updates on his latest projects, please visit his website.


The Playdead Cult

The artwork of the Playdead Cult is an intriguing mix of retro-futurism, steampunk, and modern Goth horror. Co-founders Stu Andrenelli and Bean make art from found objects, such as refrigerator doors and jamboxes. Along with their small staff, they hand print and sew clothing, all featuring the unique Playdead stamp. One of the coolest pieces on display at their booth this year was a version of the American flag with skulls instead of stars, which suggests a thought-provoking commentary on the current global situation. Their motto? “For the Black Collar Worker,” of course.

Please join the Playdead Cult at their website or check out their retail store in Toronto at 1233 Queen Street West.

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