The Geeks Shall Inherit The Jokes: Cinematic Titanic

Published on May 30th, 2008 in: Comedy, Current Faves, Issues, Popcasts, TV, Underground/Cult |

ct phone call4
“If they could give him plastic surgery,
you think they could’ve fixed the scar on his hand?”

For those of us who were Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans, the new riffing-over-bad-movies venture of Joel Hodgson (and original cast members Trace Beaulieu, Frank Conniff, Mary Jo Pehl, and J. Elvis Weinstein) is like the second coming of Crow T. Robot.

Unfortunately, the ‘bots are no longer present. However, the hosts’ silhouettes and voices are, and in case you were wondering (like we were), yes, they are still hilarious.

Download the Popcast here
Running Time: 37:23

In this Popcast, Less Lee Moore and Adam McIntyre will discuss. . .

What the Popcast covers (warning: spoilers included!):

  • The premier episode of Cinematic Titanic, featuring ultra-horrible sci-fi “epic” The Oozing Skull (WARNING: Spoilers!)
  • Our backgrounds as fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and bad movies in general
  • What we expected from Cinematic Titanic and what we got
  • The creepy factor of CT and MST3K movies
  • Our cheesy analogies describing Mary Jo Pehl, J. Elvis Weinstein, and the show
  • Our armchair review of the episode and hopes for the future
  • Our favorite bits of the episode and what we thought of the movie, The Oozing Skull
  • Who should watch CT and who will watch CT

ct phone call3
“Wow, he blew my mind.”

Listen to the Popcast to hear the following hilarious tidibits from Less Lee and Adam. . .

  • “That’s my catchphrase!”
  • “To me, there’s something very ‘only child’ about this.”
  • “We should have a whole podcast about what we did in the 90s: tape X Files episodes, tape Simpsons episodes. . . “
  • “Love the band, but I hate the fans.”
  • “That’s probably the true definition of a cult.”‘
  • “And then you started getting into Frank Zappa. . . “
  • “I hate to use the words ’emotionally engaging,’ but. . . “
  • “There were some lonely Friday nights that I spent watching the show.”
  • “Potheads generally are uncomfortable mentioning weed too often.”
  • “Again, the word ‘deplorable’ comes to mind.”
  • “He’s chasing himself, he just ran himself off the road, and now he’s after himself on rooftops.”
  • “I don’t know why in the 1970s it was acceptable for small children to watch movies with like, 80-year-old actors.”
  • “Things move faster with the Internet now.”

ct phone call2
“The show is very anti-midget, if anything,
which I find shocking and deplorable.”

ct phone call1
“When you’re a freakish outcast, you gotta find the things
that speak to you, because that’s all you have.
Not that I would know from first-hand experience. . . ”

Additional Resources:

New episodes of Cinematic Titanic are on the way, beginning in June. For more details and to watch the trailer, join the email list, read blog entries, and to download the premier episode, please visit their website.

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