Top Ten Lists of 2007

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The staff at Popshifter share the lists of the Top Ten Things that kicked our asses this year.

By Hanna

  1. LOL communities and Web sites: They make the world less serious business.
  2. The real world’s reactions to Internet phenomena: Mentions of slash on TV programs, Fox news hysteria about Anonymous, and moral outrage over fanfiction in newspapers: it’s all hilarious.
  3. Online streaming sites: Because television sucks, and now I don’t have to watch it anymore.
  4. Charity shops: Now that charity-shop chic and retro are so popular that stores are selling it new and fake, the charity shop is once again the domain of poor, hip losers like me.
  5. Really bad sex scenes in published books: Because honestly, is there anything funnier than a book that undermines its own philosophical pretensions by having incredibly bad sex in it?
  6. The existence of documentaries about Marc Bolan where they actually discuss his bisexuality, even if it is in a patronizing way.
  7. It gives me somewhere to mock populist scientific research and women’s magazines.
  8. Hollywood Brats
    Hollywood Brats:
    Junkshop Glam Love

  9. Macros: In the beginning, there were cat macros (funny pictures of cats with clever captions in chatspeak or broken English). Then there were other animal macros. Now there are macros for personal photos, the film 300, the Harry Potter series, as well as musician and philosopher macros. And, of course, there is also the Bible in macro form. Truly this was the year of the macro.
  10. Junkshop Glam: One of those music genres that never gets back in fashion, yet is amazingly fun.
  11. Fanvideos: Proof that you can make everything gay, hilarious, pornographic, or all of those at once.

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2 Responses to “Top Ten Lists of 2007”

  1. Reay:
    October 20th, 2009 at 10:42 am

    LESS LEE ===> Re: It’s All Gone Pete Tong. Is the title character not an actual guy? A DJ who lost his hearing and regained popularity when he managed to still spin despite the disability? I thought that much of the movie was true, with a lot of artistic licence taken with everything else. Such was my impression, at any rate.

  2. Popshifter:
    October 20th, 2009 at 10:58 am

    Pete Tong is a real DJ but the story in the movie is totally fictionalized. The title is one of those Cockney rhyming slang phrases.


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